We are a modern bespoke creative business

With the combination of our UV printer, laser cutter, plastic fabrication services we stand out from the rest! This state of the art technology and industry-standard software enable us to achieve precise high quality results. Therefore we can offer you a wide range of services at a competitive price.

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HPC Laser

Roxanas Flowers


Faking It

LJ Hair

Hardwick Hall



Latest Technology

"Continuous investment into the latest technologies combined with our unrivaled expertise enable us to give customers a highly competitive advantage. We have the capability and capacity to handle even the most demanding requirements.

Our in-house design team works in partnership with customers from the early design stages to improve production processes and increase cost efficiencies.  With the ever-increasing customer demands, we are proud to be your Partner in production to help you meet these requirements."


Cutting and engraving

Laser cutting & engraving will always achieve precise high-quality results from basic shapes to complex designs. One-offs to multiple copy's.

This has been the perfect solution for a wide variety of jobs from personalized gifts, arts and crafts, display boxes, sign making, packaging and more...

Take a look below as some of the products we have created using these methods.


UV Printing

The Mutoh XPJ-661UF allows for layered printing to create fine-textured prints and braille, all of which will instantly add value to any print. Tie that in with Mutoh’s “Local Dimming Control Technology”, you now have the ability to add high glossy finishes easily in one pass!

The multi-purpose LED UV direct to object printer will print on any flat surface. The high resolution, vibrant graphics result in stunning quality prints. 

Ideal for:

  • Personalized gifts

  • Packaging

  • Souvenirs

  • Awards

  • Signs

  • Phone-cases

  • Tiles

  • Glass

  • Acrylic

  • Leather

  • Wall art

  • Etc...

We also provide braille & textured printing service which meets the needs of impartially sighted customers in places such as offices, hotels, hairdressers, beauty shops, schools, colleges, and restaurants.

Take a look below as some of the incredible items we have created using these techniques.


What our
clients say

"Fast and reliable. Exceeded my expectations with design and quality."

The Artizan

"A wide range of materials to
choose from, we will definitely use their services again!"


"The perfect personalized gift for my granddaughter,"


We have worked with Zarin for years making our personalised gifts and displays.
Great products!

​Roxanas Flowers Teesside 

Zarin makes our make up display stations and signs. He is very creative

​Faking It 

What we have worked on

Custom made UV printed phone case

This phone case has a  stunning finish using all the features of the UV printer.
Using a base primer, full colour print, varnished and sealed with the UV light.

UV Printed Marilyn Monroe

The Marilyn Monroe picture I used for the colours, they’re bouncing with vibrancy.

Reverse print on acrylic

This was done for Sarah Clarke Nails. The sign was laser cut with the pink roses UV printed on the back to give it a beautiful glassy finish.
There is no other comparison out there to the quality of UV printing. Another amazing feature is the embossed printing which adds a truly luxurious finish.

Laser cutting

This is a Perspex sign laser cut in a jig which was designed specifically for the artwork to be UV printed.

Card prints

Wood prints

Granite prints

You think it, we print it.

The combination of my laser and UV printer opens up doors for other businesses. 
Bespoke creative products for all sectors of business.
The flexibility of my business allows me to be very innovative with my products.

The UV printer is a very versatile machine in regards to the vast range of materials it can print on, with a depth of 150mm.
The overall quality of the print is the same whatever the materials.